7 Reasons Why Tea Lovers Are Doing it Right!
For many, a hot drink is all that they are looking for. So, dipping a tea bag in hot water on the go seems to be satisfying. In that sense, drinking tea has become one of the most trivialized sources of joy these days. The simple things in life is what we take for granted. Pity is that this is killing the whole point of why tea leaves existed in the first place. Without knowing the ornate language of tea, its taste, flavor notes and how it benefits your body, all teas seem the same. If you are one of those guilty of not stopping to relish each cup of tea, please see what you are missing! Read on to know more about why tea lovers are doing it right!

Look for the Right Blend

Tea lovers normally find a blend they love and stick with it. Yes, they may experiment with others but will continue to patronize a favorite. Did you know? Good tea blends need expert tea tasters? Tea trading began in the 17th century and tea blenders had to create a mix of different teas to get the flavor right and thus attract buyers. Tasting these tea blends became an art form that required tasters to be highly skilled. According to experts, a perfect tea blend must be consistent and well balanced. It should emulate the same taste, aroma, and color batch after batch. For a tea lover, the tea must have a noticeable, pure and natural taste.

Tea Lovers Are Particular About the Right Steeping Time

Although you maybe a regular tea drinker there is always better ways to do it. Brewing tea far too long or for just 2 minutes can make a lot of difference in the taste. Knowing the right amount of steeping time, for the different teas, is crucial. It will give you an experience you want to always go back to. Find out what is unique about Meghalaya and the potential of the land. Download ebook. Here are some suggestions:
  • Black tea - Boil the water and add the black tea leaves and brew it for 4 minutes.
  • Oolong tea - Boil the water, turn down the heat and wait for a minute. Add the oolong tea leaves and brew it for 4 minutes.
  • Green tea - Boil the water, turn down the heat and wait for 2 minutes. Add the green tea leaves and brew it for 3 minutes.
7 reasons why tea lovers are doing it right

Aware That Tea Is a 'health Kit'

Tea-lovers consume tea not only for its taste, but are also aware of the fact that tea is the ultimate ’health package’. Tea is high in antioxidants and helps detoxify all the impurities from the body. Green tea accounts for 15 scientifically proven health benefits and contains high amounts of polyphenols and catechins. Regular consumption of tea reduces the risk of heart disease and lowers bad cholesterol levels. Likewise, black tea is calorie-free, increases body metabolism and helps reduce weight. Zizira carries special Green tea. Try them.

Drink Tea over Coffee

While the caffeine in tea and coffee is technically the same, tea is a tad different from coffee. Tea contains anti-oxidants that slows down the absorption of caffeine by the body. This process retains the caffeine level in the body and stimulates longer period of mental alertness.

Look for Proper Storage to Retain Flavor

Proper storage will help retain the flavor and aroma of tea. Tea is vulnerable to light, odor, moisture, heat and air. So, remember to store it in an airtight container in a cool dark place, devoid of sunlight and odor as tea leaves can easily absorb the fragrance of other food products. Keep in mind that moisture can ruin your tea leaves the fastest. So, the container must be dry and fresh. Tea lovers will always store their tea the right way.

Tea Lovers Know the Right Food Twinning's

Just as wine-lovers twin food, tea lovers are an expert with pairing the right food with tea. The right beverage brings out the best flavor in food. Here are a few suggestions you could use at your Sunday afternoon tea parties.
  • Black tea is robust and rich in taste and so go for a light cheesecake or pastry that does not dominate your taste buds.
  • Green tea has a subtler flavor and can be paired with a fresh sandwich, fruit salad and light strawberry tart.
  • Oolong tea is a light beverage and works well with waffles and light biscuits. You can also try it with smoked ham.

Know Where Their Tea Comes From

It is important to know where your tea comes from, to make the right choice in choosing your tea. Start by looking for the supplier who is close to the source in terms of location. Natural products store such as Zizira is an embodiment of the perfect tea store. While buying tea products online or from a retail store, always remember to read the ingredients and know where it is grown and processed. Tea lovers do take the extra trouble of knowing the source. 7 resons why tea lovers are doing it right World of Tea can be a fun one to explore with a variety of flavors and ways of consuming them.  just go for the ones you like the most! Tea can be consumed plain, with honey or sugar for sweetness and lemon for fresh tanginess. You can use milk as well. Adding milk to black tea will increase the volume of the tea. You can add spices such as cardamom, cloves and cinnamon for making the famous masala chai.

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