Exotic Fruit - Sohramdieng - Burmese Grape

What are Burmese Grapes?

Known as Burmese Grape in English, Sohramdieng is the fruit of an evergreen tree found in some Asian countries. Team Zizira took these pictures of Sohramdieng during a field visit to Mawphu Village, close to Shillong, the capital of the state of Meghalaya in the North East of India.

Sohramdieng Burmese Grape

Before we tell you more about Burmese grapes, won’t you like to know why Zizira was on a field visit?

Well, we are a food products company operating from the heart of Meghalaya, one of the 8 states that make the pristine region of Northeast of India. Zizira is an off-shoot of the first export oriented, services company of Meghalaya.  Here is the story of why Zizira was started.

Here is where we are now!

Part of our work is to explore the region and go on epic journeys! Our visit to Mawphu village was one of our first.

Burmese Grapes of Mawphu

The fruits start off green colored, but as they ripen, they can turn yellow, red or even deep purple. They make a very pretty sight. In this photo the fruits are very young. Notice how they hang in bunches all along the bark and the branches like tree ornaments!

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Sohramdieng or Burmese Grape - an Exotic Fruit

English name: Burmese grape

Botanical name: Baccaurea ramiflora

Appearance: The color varies. Slightly oval in shape, the same tree can have fruits of different colors  - from yellow, to deep red to even purple. If you peel the skin, you will see pod-like structures inside - like how one sees wedges of a peeled orange.

You can pop these into your mouth and eat the whitish pulpy covering of the seed. Even the seed is edible. It is said to be juicy with a sweet-sour taste.

Medicinal Use: Used to treat skin diseases The Zizira team rating in terms of taste and popularity (10 being the best): 9 Burmese grapes are used to make wine.

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 Did you know - Zizira is striving to:

  • Discover the potential of agriculture in NE India
  • Release the potential of family farms in Northeast India
  • Release the potential of agriculture in NE India
  • Pioneer Low volume, high value crops in Northeast India
  • Prove the agriculture potential of NE India
  • Create a successful role model for Northeast Indian farmers
  • Raise awareness about the agricultural potential of the NE Region of India

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