A warm cup of Turmeric Milk or Haldi Doodh

My Childhood Obsession

I grew up in a Joint family, in our big old house (vada) with a huge family, in a small village called Chalisgaon in Maharashtra. With more than 50 members we would kind of have a Bhandara (Big Meal Sessions) three times a day. We did not have a hotpot for chapati. WE HAD A HOTPOT SIZE OF A TV. It was crazy. My family moved out to a new place when I was 9 years old. It was a little away from the colony we stayed before. Nice little home, surrounded by trees, our neighbours had cows, hens, parrots, felt so close to nature. This really helped me get closer to my family.
My mom, who before marriage rode bikes, went alone to watch movies, wore jeans back in the 70's, spent most of her time in the kitchen after marriage. She is the most practical person I've ever come across. And my dad on the other hand, is more of a spiritual person. Meditates daily, takes ayurvedic medicines every morning to keep himself healthy, a strong believer in karma. He's a smart Businessman as well. So I'm blessed with my Mom's Practicality & my Dad's Spirituality plus Business sense. Surrounded mostly with my sisters, I also developed a deep and clear perspective on life. I remember the 10 year old me, barging into my parent’s room late night, asking them should we make ourselves some Haldi Doodh? Mom, tired spending most of her time in the kitchen would hesitate to get out of bed. But my dad would jump right out and take me to the kitchen and let me be his assistant in making the golden milk. I used to go through trolleys, shelves, different jars just to find the right ingredients without any help from dad, while he enjoyed seeing me, with a big smile, going through that treasure hunt. Good times right?
Growing up having Turmeric golden milk almost 4 days a week made me obsessed with two things
     1. Turmeric
     2. Milk
I was so taken over with these two that even for one of my school’s fancy dress competition I dressed up as a milkman. But I still wonder how can one dress up as turmeric?

A New Journey Far from Home

Fast forward 20 years. I’ve travelled a lot in India. 14 States to be exact. Have been to 6 different treks, the highest would be 16,000 ft. Have hitchhiked from my hometown to Udaipur, Rajasthan which took me 2 days and 9 different vehicles to reach there. Bike, Truck filled with cement, a camel, all these were my modes of transportation.
My dream is to cover all the corners of our beautifully chaotic country. Why I call it that? Because of the different cultures, so many different faces, so many different stories, so many different colors, and its all bundled up in such a tiny place. After trekking on some of the most beautiful and challenging ranges in the Himalayas, I had this calling of shifting and settling down in the hills. After saving up enough to survive by myself for atleast 6 months, by taking up odd jobs that pay well, trading into stocks, bitcoins, WHAT NOT! I finally moved to Shillong, Meghalaya. Northeast India. Shillong
Never been to this Unexplored side of the country. New People, New faces, New (weird) names, Crazy sky - the clouds are so close that I feel I can throw a stone and hit it. For the first week i was here, it rained cats and dogs. It was something I don't get to see in Maharashtra that often and I loved it. There was something about this place which felt raw and so peaceful. I went to the local fruit market and I was awed by the freshness, the size, the quality of everything there was. Back home, I had to struggle to find broccoli, kale, scented lemons, organic turmeric, and it was all here! EVERYWHERE! The local market was filled with organic fruits & vegetables and its a regular thing for people here. Even though I was content with the availability of organic foods here, I struggled a bit with the diet : too much of rice. In the last two months, I've eaten so much of rice that I've never had my entire life. Also, you dont get Milk tea here. They do have something called milk tea, but for someone who comes from Maharashtra, what they serve shouldn't be even called Milk tea.
Everything was changed but the one thing that still made me feel like home is when I have haldi doodh by night. This takes me to my happy zone where I can really connect with myself and have a carefree good-nights sleep.
Here is my favourite haldi doodh recipe.

How Haldi Doodh Keeps Me Healthy?

  1. Travelling can take a toll on your stomach. We all can relate to this. I've spend days eating oily, unhealthy, unhygienic, street foods all across our country. To keep my whole Gastro-Intestinal system in check, I make sure to keep powdered turmeric handy. Just a spoonful of turmeric with milk/warm water helps with Weak Stomach, Poor Digestion & Normalises Metabolism.
  2. Change in Weather/Environment is one of the most important triggers for Headaches & Migraine attacks. For the last trek, Pin-Bhaba pass in Spiti, I travelled from Delhi (38°C) to Spiti (2°C) and back home (42°C) within 20 days. Curcumin found in Turmeric, a natural anti-inflammatory, helps reduce inflammation of neurons (neuropeptides) which is is the root cause of many types of headaches.

  1. Turmeric fights allergies and also enhances complexion. This keeps my body and skin refreshed.
  2. Overall it boosts immunity. I notice so many of my friends/colleagues catching on Viral infection so often. My obsession with Turmeric has made my body super fit.
  3. I definitely have more energy than usual. Turmeric is said to boost serotonin and dopamine in your brain, so this may have been why I have more energy and in a better mood every morning.
Being almost all over our country, eating what not, living in tough surroundings, the best part is Ive never been hospitalized.

In The End…

Drinking haldi doodh daily has really helped me stay Healthy without any extra efforts. The job I've secured here in Shilong is in a Startup. Haldi doodh really helps me keep going with the same energy and intensity everyday. I now make it a priority to get a daily dose of Haldi doodh. This is my turmeric obsession story and I'm fortunate enough that I grew up in a family that raised me up in such a healthy environment. It has done so much good to my health and my life.
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